Institute of Historical Sciences of Faculty of Arts University of Pardubice

About us

The Department of Historical Sciences was established in 2001 and it was renamed for Institute of Historical Sciences on 1. 1. 2010. It is one of eight parts of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the University of Pardubice.

The institute provides opportunity to study in undergraduate, master and doctoral level of education in the field of Czech history. As a centre of research in humanities the Institute of Historical Sciences is focused on the following areas:

1) gender history (prof. M. Lenderová, dr. Z. Čevelová, Mgr. K. Čadková, Mgr. V. Hanulík)

2) history of nobility in early modern and modern times (prof. M. Lenderová, prof. P. Vorel, dr. J. Kubeš, dr. Z. Vydra, Mgr. V. Prchal, Mgr. V. Hanulík)

3) history of peasants on the countryside in early modern and modern times (prof. E. Maur, prof. J. Škabrada, dr. A. Velková)

4) economic history (prof. P. Vorel, doc. T. Jiránek, doc. M. Macková)

5) military history (doc. T. Jiránek, Mgr. V. Prchal)

6) history of Russia (doc. V. Veber, dr. Z. Vydra) 

7) administrative history (doc. M. Macková, Mgr. H. Pochobradská)