History of the Czech lands 1

Tutors: Jiří Kubeš, Ph.D. and Vítězslav Prchal, Ph.D.



In this course destined for the Erasmus students (not for the Czech students), we will make a brief introduction and survey of older history of the Czech lands in the early modern times when the Czech lands were ruled by the Habsburg dynasty (1526-1792). We will deal not only with the political history (the rules and wars of Ferdinand I, Rudolph II, Leopold I, Charles VI, Maria Theresa or Joseph II) but also with confessional, social and cultural history of the Central European space. We would like to show and analyse the complicated process of "Making Austrian Habsburg monarchy" as Robert J. W. Evans once called it.


final test (60 %) and a short essay (5 pages) on the chosen topic (the topic has to be discussed during November, resp. March)


1. The Making of Habsburg Monarchy I (1500-1620): dynasty, its origins, Czech lands at the end of Middle Ages, the rule of Ferdinand I. Maximilian II and Rudolph II.

2. Confessional development in the Czech lands (1500-1609) 

3. The Making of Habsburg Monarchy II: A new order? Ferdinand II, restructuralisation of the society in the Czech lands and confessional changes

4. The rule of Leopold I and Charles VI in the context of the wars with France and the Ottoman Turks

5. Baroque piety: the life of baroque Catholics in the Czech lands

6. The times for changes: Maria Theresa, the Wars of Austrian Succession and its consequences in the Czech lands; The rule of Joseph II: An enlighted monarch on the Austrian throne

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