History of the Czech Lands I


In this course destined for the Erasmus students (not for the Czech students), we will make a brief introduction and survey of older history of the Czech lands in the medieval and early modern times when the Czech lands were ruled by the dukes and kings from the Přemyslid, Luxembourg, Jagellonian and Habsburg dynasty. We will deal not only with the political history but also with art, confessional, social and cultural history of the Central European space.


  • final test (60 %)
  • activity in the course (you have to prepare the answers on the questions sent via e-mail)


  1. 800-1200: early tribes, Great Moravia, early Přemyslid state and Romanesque art (10. 3.)
  2. 1200-1400: the age of Přemyslid and Luxembourg kings and Gothic art (17. 3.)
  3. 1400-1526: the Hussite revolution, Jagellonian kings and Late Gothic art (24. 3.)
  4. 1526-1620: The Making of Habsburg Monarchy, Confessionalism and Renaissance art (31. 3. - 7. 4.)
  5. 1620-1740: The Making of Absolutistic Monarchy, Re-Catholisation and Baroque art (14. 4. - 21. 4.)
  6. 1740-1790: The times for changes: Maria Theresa and Joseph II (28. 4. - 5. 5.)

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